Late-Autumn Police Blotter Haiku

The leaves dropped their trees; Thanksgiving came and went; I turned 58; and suddenly it was time to write more police blotter haiku.  These haiku were drawn from crime stories in coastal California newspapers.

The haiku don’t come as fast as they once did; but I enjoy spending more time on each one.  I like the results better, too.

There’ll be a book soon. Enjoy.

“Someone’s chasing me!”
the shoplifter told the cop
in front of Walmart.

A dropped wallet.
Bills fly from it on the wind
like green butterflies.

Shots fired, three men flee.
The bullet holes in the wall
have little to say.

She hates rejection.
It put her at his window
with a gun in hand.

If the law seeks you
and you have long, purple hair,
why not go brunette?

Clothing on the ground.
A naked young man nearby,
followed logically.

Their love gone to dust,
he stole from her the ashes
of one she’d adored.

Glue drips from the locks
of a much-beloved church
that someone can’t love.

Drunk, asleep, alone.
A bottle of brandy was
her only escort

Woof! Chase the raccoons!
Woof! Chase them all up a tree!
Woof! Now bark for hours!