Return to Rotten Egg

Here are a few more haiku based on police blotter reports from Rotten Egg, Tennessee, the town where the air smells  funny and people misbehave as they do in most places, only a little more so. Enjoy.

Burning game consoles:
A telling message from a
neglected girlfriend.

He got himself jailed
for drunken driving on a
riding lawn-mower

Cafes everywhere,
and “large and shirtless” chose theirs
to pick a fight in.

Thermostat dispute.
In anger, he left the house
carrying his sword.

Child abuse? No, not
when the son is 22.
They still busted her.

Fire in the restroom!
(Recently vacated by
an ex-employee.)

Screams of missing cukes.
Elderly neighbor blames you.
And pulls a knife.